Comparing cast iron kitchenware with cooked iron kitchenware

How about a cast iron pot? From the raw material, the key is divided into fine iron pot and cast iron pot. A cast iron pot is what is often called a cast iron pot. Is a cast or cooked iron pot better? Cast iron pot and fine iron pot which good?

What is the difference between cast iron and wrought iron? Iron has cast iron wrought iron points to: wrought iron through a variety of heating after its carbon content is reduced, promote strength improvement. Cast iron is distinguished from wrought iron by its carbon content. The carbon content of pig iron is higher than that of wrought iron. Steel is between cast iron and wrought iron in terms of carbon content. Steel is malleable, suitable for tensile resistance layer, and the key carbon content of iron is more than steel, ductility is not very good, so it is generally used for working pressure layer. Toughened laminated glass refers to the production and processing of laminated glass added other nutritional elements to make it have the same characteristics as steel. Toughened laminated glass has high impact compressive strength (4~5 times higher than the general photovoltaic glass), high tensile strength (5 times higher than the general photovoltaic glass), good heat resistance and bright, transparent, laser cutting and other characteristics. In the case of strong resistance to damage, the debris is dispersed fine particles, without sharp edges, it is also known as toughened glass. It has a strength close to steel and has many main uses. Its strength makes it universally useful, as can be seen here and there


Is cast or cooked iron kitchenware better?

The pot is made of cast iron, which is not easy to carry other compounds. The pot is a safe kitchen equipment at this stage. In the whole process of cooking and cooking, the pot is not easy to have a total mix, not easy to fall off the problem, even if there is iron composition total mix, the body digestion and absorption is also advantageous.

From the raw material, the key is divided into fine iron pot and cast iron pot. A cast iron pot is what is often called a cast iron pot.

Cast iron pot is made of gray iron melting with solid model casting, slow heat conduction, heat conduction symmetry, but thick pot ring, pattern is not smooth, it is also very easy to crack; Fine iron pot is made of black and white iron sheet casting or hand-made hammering, with thin ring, fast heat conduction, delicate appearance. For general home will tell, the application of cast iron pot is a bit better.

The cast iron kitchenware has a feature that when the temperature of the fire exceeds 200℃, the cast iron pot will release a certain amount of heat engineering, the temperature transmitted to the food is controlled at 230℃, while the fine iron pot will immediately send the temperature of the fire to the food.

But the fine iron pot also has advantages, because it is made of fine iron, the residue is less, thus, the heat conduction is more symmetrical, not easy to occur sticky pot situation. Second, because the main ingredient is good, the pot can be made very thin, and the temperature in the pot can be higher. Third, the level is high, the surface is smooth and clean, and the cleaning work is easy to do.

Whether it is cast iron or fine iron, how should customers choose and use the kitchenware?

First, look at the pot surface is not smooth, but can not request smooth as a mirror, because of the forging process, the pot are irregular shallow lines. Defects, small protrusion part of the general iron, the quality of the pot interference is not big, but small cracks on the quality of the pot damage is relatively large, pay special attention to check when buying. 


Second, the pot with uneven thickness is not very good. When you choose and buy, you can turn the bottom of the pot upside down, touch the core of the sphere of the pot with your finger and knock it with hard blocks. The louder the pot, the more it vibrates, the better. In addition, the pot rust is not necessarily the quality is not very good, rust pot shows that the storage time is long, and the pot storage time is longer, the better, so the pot internal mechanism can be more stable, just used not easy to crack. Under normal circumstances, the pot is very easy to rust, if the body digest and absorb too many compounds, that is, the rusty part, it will cause damage to the liver, so it is necessary to fill the ingredients to stay overnight. At the same time, it is best not to use a pot to boil soup, in case the pot surface to maintain its non-rusting white edge filling liquid subsided. Wash the pot should also be as little as possible with detergent, to prevent the protective layer is brushed. After brushing the pot, you also need to wipe the water in the pot as far as possible to prevent rust. If there is mild rust, use vinegar to clean it up. When cooking with a pot, it is necessary to quickly fry with less water to reduce vitamin damage. It is not suitable to use the pot to cook tomato, mountain plant fruit, begonia flowers and other acid and alkaline fresh fruit. As this kind of acidic and alkaline fruit contains fruit acid, chemical changes will occur after touching iron, producing some iron containing chemicals, which may cause poisoning after eating. Black beans should not be cooked in the pot, because the harmful substances often contained in the soybean oil skin will produce chemical changes after encountering iron, transforming into gray and black iron harmful substances, and making the juice of black beans into gray and black, harmful taste and body digestion and absorption,

From the point of view of energy saving, cooked iron kitchenware are better than cast ones. Cast iron kitchenware are made by casting. They are thick, slow in heat transfer, and take longer to cook each time than cooked iron kitchenware. The cooked iron pot is made of pot forging and pressing, which has a fast heat transfer speed and a relatively short time for boiling things. A cast iron pot is better than a cooked one for frying food.

When frying food, because the heat transfer speed of cast iron pot is fast, it is not easy to paste the pot. The heat transfer speed of cooked iron pot is fast, the oil temperature of fried things is too high, it is easy to make food coking. In addition, the surface of the cast iron pot is low smooth, there are gaps, the surface of the fried things will form an oil film, to prevent the pot surface temperature is too high, food coking, but also rust. The surface of cooked iron pot is smooth, and it is not easy to form pot scale. After frying food, it is not clean and easy to rust.

In terms of durability, cooked iron kitchenware are better than cast ones. Cast iron kitchenware is more brittle, not resistant to fall, if hit by heavy objects or paste pot times, the surface is easy to crack, and cast iron pot should not be burned at high temperature for too long, easy to wear oxidation. And cooked iron pot toughness is good, accidentally fall or be outside the impact will not crack, and has the advantage of high temperature resistance.

The above is the introduction of cast iron pot and cooked iron pot, you can choose according to the actual need. Hope the above content is helpful to you.

Post time: Aug-05-2023