Cast iron skillet – Good food assistant

For cast iron kitchenware, I think a lot of people do not use it well, or do not use it enough. Cast-iron stockpots, for example, can be used not only to make soup, but also to heat milk, and even to make some small cakes, which can be used in a wide range.

Today we’re going to highlight another cast iron cookware, the cast iron skillet, which not only makes steaks, but also many desserts, like brownies and apple crumble. If we try a few new methods, we will find a lot of surprises. Yes, we can make all kinds of delicious dishes out of cast iron skillets. Enamel-coated products are even better, as these cast-iron skillets are brightly colored and can add some flair to our kitchen or a party. In fact, the cast iron skillet is a very close to home cookware, for everyday frying and cooking, it is perfectly competent. Its existence is a good assistant to our cook, especially for those who are new, it can help you improve your cooking level faster and better. Let’s talk about some of the advantages of cast-iron frying pans.
1.More control
Almost all cast iron cookware can be used in an oven, not just cast iron skillets, not to mention everyday home stoves. Because of this, the cast iron skillet is used to make many delicacies. For example, when we make everyday desserts, many times we want not only a crispy crust, but also a nice golden brown color. We pour the batter on a cast iron baking sheet and then spread it out in the oven. Many times we’re not happy with the end result, either because it’s not pretty or it’s too dry. In these cases, we can use cast-iron skillets to make food. Heat a frying pan on the stove, then put it in the oven, and the dessert will be fine.

2.Get organized
A cast iron frying pan is heated on the stove, and then we can make caramel or chocolate in the frying pan to prepare for cakes or tarts. It’s so easy that novice or experienced cooks can do it well. And then we’re going to add some other ingredients to the skillet to make it more delicious and to prepare it for the rest of the process.
3.Heat preservation and energy saving
One of the properties of cast iron is that it conducts heat evenly and maintains heat, which is an important reason why people like cast iron kitchenware. We’re going to heat a cast iron skillet on the stove, and it’s going to take just a few minutes, and it’s going to heat evenly, which is very important for cooking. If you’re making a steak, it’s going to heat the whole thing evenly, so you don’t have one side that’s undercooked and the other side that’s burnt, and it’s going to keep the steak tender and juicy. If you’re making a chocolate dessert, you can also heat the chocolate evenly, so that the dessert is all fluffy and the chocolate is even. The result is a dessert that not only looks good, but also tastes great.

4.Improve your cooking skills while enjoying yourself
I think cooking in life is a skill, but also a kind of enjoyment, is a kind of relaxation outside of work. Cast-iron skillets are easy to use and are a great assistant to both the novice and the seasoned cook. On weekends, we make a simple breakfast dessert with a cast-iron skillet in the morning, or a juicy steak at noon. While enjoying the food, while drinking wine, quietly enjoying the weekend rest time. In fact, even in the process of cooking, watching the food unfold little by little, is a kind of fun, and the smell.

Cooking is a kind of skill, but also a person’s yearning for a better life, through their own efforts to obtain a sense of happiness, a sense of satisfaction.

Post time: Mar-10-2023