Talking about the excellence of cast iron pots

When it comes to the pots we use in the kitchen, you know there are many kinds of pots. But what we’re going to talk about next is the cast iron pot, which is certainly superior in many ways to other kinds of pots. No doubt, I will cover this in detail in the following article.

With the development of The Times, the big round iron pot in my memory became the cast iron pot today. It’s actually the same pot that’s used in most homes today. Of course, one wonders whether a cast iron pot, so heavy and prone to rust, is worth buying at all.

Cast iron pot are easy to rust, but they can also be avoided. As long as properly maintained, cast iron pot rust phenomenon can be greatly reduced, but also can extend the service life of cast iron pot. If you are worried about this aspect of the cast-iron pot, I can only say that you are worried for nothing.

In fact, in addition to this disadvantage, the cast iron pot has many advantages. First of all, the heating is uniform, effectively reducing the time in cooking, and the lampblack will also be reduced. The second is the cast iron pot without coating design, does not contain any harmful chemicals, more safe and healthy; The last is the physical non-stick pot effect, for our cooking a lot easier.

Advantages of cast iron pot:

Cast iron pot includes pot, frying pot, stew pot, steak pot, seafood pot, baking pot, etc., cast iron pot can use gas, induction cooker, oven (microwave oven can not be used), can meet all the requirements of the pot in the kitchen. It is recommended to choose a Chinese pot, a frying pot and a saucepan for daily use in the home.

One of the biggest headaches for many people in the process of using the pot is sticking the pot. Cast iron pot are completely non-stick when used correctly, and the more they are used, the better they are. Enamel pot wall is smooth, food adhesion decreased a lot, non-stick effect is very good, and easy to clean. A cast-iron pot without enamel needs to boil the first time it is used. After the surface of the pot will absorb a thin layer of grease, not only to protect the pot body is not easy to rust and also has the effect of non-stick, do not use detergent or steel ball after each use.
Evenly heated, good insulation

The cast iron pot is heated evenly, and the heat preservation is good. The temperature in the pot is relatively stable. Unless people do not put out the fire for a long time, the cast iron pot will appear to paste the pot. It is especially suitable for beginners who have a hard time mastering cooking. Cooking almost never fails. Because of the excellent heat preservation, dishes will not cool easily, especially in winter, and if you need to cook on the stove after a pot of soup has been stewed, you won’t worry about the soup getting cold while you drink it. In the process of cooking, keep the heat medium after heating, turn off the heat before putting salt, and use the remaining temperature to finish the final processing of food, energy saving and environmental protection.

Good sealing

The saucepan has a good seal. The lid is heavy and very close to the body of the saucepot. It has a strong seal. The inner wall of the lid has self-circulating water bead design, the whole lid is like a shower, the water vapor condenses evenly on the lid and then falls back to the pot, so that the water circulation in the pot does not lose, to ensure the original taste of food, reduce the loss of nutrition. When stewing meat, it can retain the moisture of the ingredients and make them soft and moist, while when making soup, it needs only a small amount of water to make the soup rich and mellow.

So how should we maintain the cast iron pot?

1, The first time to use the pot, with fat skin heating wipe the inner wall of the pot several times.

2. Do not use cast iron to cook acidic food, because the metal will react with the acid.

3. After each use, wipe the surface moisture with paper towel or rag to prevent rust; It can also be cured by coating the surface with a layer of cooking oil.

Therefore, on the whole, cast iron pot is worth starting with. Speaking of here, a lot of people began to struggle, there are so many brands on the market, and how should you choose? How to buy a good cast iron pot?

First, look at the material. Most of the cast iron pot is made of high-quality high purity iron, so when choosing and buying, we must compare whether it is pure iron material, after all, it is related to the health of the human body, it is better to be careful, and we should understand the details to consider.

Second, safety. Security issues can not be ignored, including two aspects of security. One is the material safety, such as whether it contains chemical coating, we all know that chemical substances cause harm to the human body, if long-term use is more related to human health. On the other hand, it is safe to use, such as whether there is a hot design, do not look down on these small problems, it can effectively avoid the burn problem caused by carelessness in the future use.

Third, whether there is a thickening design. The new type of cast iron pot is designed with thickening, which can not only make the whole cooking process has better thermal conductivity, but also make it heated evenly, and not easy to produce paste bottom problem.

Fourth, look at the lid. The lid is mostly divided into glass and solid wood two kinds. If it is solid wood, it is necessary to see whether it is high quality log, so as to avoid the problem of harmful substances due to heating in use, and if it is glass, it is necessary to see whether there is an explosion-proof design.

The previous article introduced so much, compared with other materials of the pot, cast iron pot does have a lot of advantages, although there will be some small shortcomings, but I think it is still worth buying. Not only practical, but also can make many delicious food.

Post time: Jan-17-2023