In-depth knowledge of enamel cast iron cookware

Initial understanding of enamel cast iron cookware 

The enamel cast iron cookware is a versatile container for cooking food. 

The origin of enamel cookwares 

Back in the early 17th century, Abraham Darby. When Abraham Darby visited Holland, he observed that the Dutch made cookwares and cookwares out of sand and brass. Brass was expensive at the time, and he thought that if he could replace it with a cheaper metal (i.e., cast iron), he could sell more cookwares and cookwares by volume. Then, with the help of a Welshman, James Thomas, he succeeded in making cast-iron cookwares.

In 1707, he received a patent for the process of cast iron in sand, derived from the Dutch process. So the word “Dutch Oven” has been around for over 300 years, since 1710.

Cast iron cookwares are also called Dutch cookwares by some people. “, because the owner of his patent discovered the cooking vessel when he visited the Netherlands, but some people don’t think so. 


Anyway, regardless of how the term Dutch cookware came to be, we have to thank the innovative Dutch people for helping us live a healthy and healthy life
The advantages of enamel cast iron cookwares

1.Heat distribution is even

Cast iron sauce cookware. Suitable for all heat sources from gas to induction ovens (except microwave ovens). The heavy body made of cast iron is stable enough to handle roasting and baking easily (safe temperature of cast iron cookware is 260°C/500°F). The black enamel inside the cookware can be used for high temperature cooking, which is effective in combating the problem of yellow bottom, discoloration and dark body. Good cast-iron cookwares also have long-lasting heat preservation, keeping food warm when you bring it straight from the stove rack or oven to the table.

2.It lasts

Every cast iron sauce cookware goes through a number of strict manufacturing processes, paying attention to every detail, and the quality is superior. Cast-iron kitchenware is an investment that will benefit generations. It can be passed down as an heirloom if used and maintained properly. Even better, it gets better with time. The body layer increases after each use, so the longer you use it, the more durable your cookware will feel.

3.Easy to clean

The smooth matte black enamel inside the cast iron cookware is naturally resistant to dirt and will gradually form an oxide layer over time, improving the performance of the cookware. It can be cleaned by hand after meals and is also suitable for dishwashers. As long as the proper maintenance, your cookware will last a lifetime as bright and clean as new!

4.Good heat preservation effect

Cast iron cookwares have their own way of heating. Cast-iron sauce cookwares are great for simmering meat and vegetable dishes. The average speed at which a cookware of water is brought to a boil in a cast iron cookware. 2 minutes faster than a regular stainless steel cookware. The small sauce cookware also contains professional design knowledge support,4.5mm thick bottom and 3.8mm thick side wall can achieve a perfect balance between heat distribution and maintenance, while reducing the weight of the product to achieve light and simple.

5.Keep the flavor better

When you braise, roast or cook food, a lid that fits perfectly into the cookware will retain steam. To enhance the flavor and aroma of food. The inside edge of the lid has a protruding part, which is easy to fix on the table when eating. You can safely fry it, roast it, or braise it. No matter how you choose to cook it, the all-purpose cast iron cookware. Can provide support for you to develop delicious dishes!

6.Great design and color

We consider qualified cast iron cookwares to be sprayed with a bottom glaze to ensure the best adhesion of the enamel to the cast iron. In addition, our products in the bottom glaze outside, spray two layers of glaze. To achieve the best performance. As for colors, you can choose other colors or customize them to your liking. We can also customize decal products according to the needs of customers.


Keep the cookware daily. The method is simple:

①It is recommended to use small and medium fire stir-fry to achieve the effect of large fire

②Every time after frying vegetables as far as possible to clean in time (do not/use less detergent), small fire thoroughly drying cookware water;

③ Apply a thin layer of vegetable oil evenly with a brush in the cookware. , the natural place to absorb the grease to keep the cookware finished (the first month before the new cookware every time to use up the need to grease)

④ When the cookware becomes black, it is basically raised. It doesn’t need to be greased every day, but it still needs to be washed and dried after each use. Spread a thin layer of vegetable oil every half month and put it away when you don’t use it for a long time.

⑤ It is not recommended to use wok. To cook porridge or soup, will destroy the natural absorption of the oil film, easy to cause sticky cookware rust.

⑥ Upfront will be because of cast iron cookwares. Absorption of oil is not enough, do flour, starch food may be a little sticky cookware, this is normal, more use more maintenance, maintenance about a month after these ingredients can be fried at will!

Post time: Jul-21-2023