After-sale maintenance of cast iron cookware

Use of cast iron cookware

Step 1: Prepare a piece of fat pork, must be more fat, so that the oil is more. The effect is better.

Step 2: Roughly flush the cookware, then boil a cookware of hot water, use a brush to clean the cookware, brush the cookware body, and brush all kinds of floating things on the surface.

Step 3: Put the cookware on the stove, turn on a small heat, and slowly dry the water droplets on the cookware body.

Step 4: Put the fat meat into the cookware and turn it a few times. Then grab the pork with your chopsticks and smear every inch of the pan. Carefully and carefully, let the oil slowly percolate into the iron cookware.

Step 5: When the meat becomes black and scorched, and the oil in the pan becomes black, take it out and then clean it with water.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3, 4, 5 again, repeat about 3 times, when the pork is no longer black, it is successful. So you can put the meat in batches, or you can cut off the last hard surface of the pork and use the inside.

Step 7: Wash the cast iron cookware with clean water, dry the cookware body, we can put a layer of vegetable oil on the surface, so that our cookware is successful


Maintenance of cast iron cookware

Step 1: Take a cast iron cookware, dip a cloth into water and a little dish soap, and wash the cookware inside and out, then rinse the cookware with water. 

Step 2: Wipe the cookware clean with kitchen paper, put it on the stove and dry it over low heat. 

Step 3: Prepare a few pieces of fat pork, use tongs or chopsticks to hold the fat pork, turn on a low heat, and wipe the edge of the cookware with the pork. Make sure you do it multiple times, every corner. 

Step 4: Heat a cast iron cookware slowly, then drizzle the oil around the edges with a small spoon. This action is repeated several times to ensure that the inner wall of the cookware has been soaked in oil. 

Step 5: Pour off the oil in the pan, leaving a piece of fat, and wipe the outside of the pan carefully.

Step 6: Wait for the cookware to cool down, and scrub repeatedly it with warm water after it is completely cooled.

Step 7: Repeat the above steps 2 to 6 for 3 times, and leave the oil in the cookware overnight after the last wipe


Cast iron cookware, if properly maintained, will produce a natural nonstick coating. A well-raised cast-iron cookware can match or even surpass the functions of a non-stick cookware. To make your cast iron cookware achieve lasting non-stick effect, we need to use and maintain it for a long time, it will become more and more black, brighter, and will become a physical non-stick cookware, become our most convenient Cast iron cookware.

Post time: Jul-08-2023