How to choose auxiliary kitchenware

For commonly used pots, we usually have some spatula or spoon, which can be used together with each other, or can be hung on the wall as a decoration. So, of course, would an enamelled cast-iron pan. The enamel coating looks very smooth and bright. It is a new rust resistant non-stick coating that is very easy to clean.

By roasting at a temperature of several hundred degrees, the enamel coating is firmly attached to the outer surface of the cast iron pan, which is a good barrier between air and food. The enamel coating ensures that the heat is evenly distributed when we cook gourmet food, and also prevents the burnt food from sticking to the pan and not being easy to clean up. If it is just normal daily cleaning and maintenance, the coating coating is very hard, and not easy to scratch. However, this coating will also be relatively brittle and sensitive to large impact or impact, that is, it is easy to break, which is an aspect we need to pay special attention to.


Enamel is different from ordinary paint. It is a mixture of silica and pigment, which is continuously baked in a high temperature oven, and finally becomes a colored enamel coating. Enamel coating is hard and brittle. It is strong enough for ordinary friction, but it is easily damaged by strong vibrations or collisions. For example, if we accidentally drop a coated cast iron pan on the floor or hit a wall, the enamel coating will break off and leak out of the cast iron inside. Of course, if we hit the cast-iron pan with a metal shovel or spoon, we may also damage the enamel coating.

Given the properties of enamel, when choosing a spoon or shovel to go with the enameled cast iron pot, it is best to choose wood, plastic or silicone. These materials are relatively soft, basic will not damage the daily variety of pots.

In the kitchen, wooden utensils are very common. A wooden spatula, several wooden spoons of different sizes for most people’s needs, and wooden cutting boards. This is because wood is a relatively soft material, whether it is stainless steel pot, aluminum pot or cast iron pot, wood shovel is very recommended; The second is plastic material, plastic is soft, will not scratch the surface of the pot. If there’s anything wrong with plastic, it may be that it becomes softer when it’s heated. So when cooking, don’t leave the plastic spatula in the pan all the time, this will make the plastic become soft and deformed, and affect normal use later. Thirdly, plastic will be burned at high temperature, so plastic kitchen utensils will be burned after a long time of use. The third is silicone kitchen utensils, silicone is very heat resistant, can withstand several hundred degrees of high temperature. The difference is that it doesn’t get soft like plastic. So now silicone kitchen utensils are becoming more and more common, especially silicone spatula, even the traditional non-stick pan will be paired with a silicone spatula.


In addition, many people actually choose stainless steel kitchenware, such as stainless steel shovels and spoons. I think stainless steel spoons are good too. They’re tough, nice looking and easy to clean. As for the stainless steel spatula, in order not to scratch the surface of the pan, I have already switched to silicone spatula, after all, enamel cast iron pan is more important for the kitchen. Many people would say that as long as you use it carefully and don’t scratch the surface of the pan too hard, you’re fine. It can only be that each has his own hobby, the choice does not need to be the same, as long as you find it convenient to use.

After the above introduction, I think you have a basic understanding: when we choose the auxiliary kitchen utensils for the enamel cast iron pot, it is best to choose wood, plastic or silicone, especially the spoon or shovel that needs to be stirred. If you prefer to use stainless steel cookware, that’s fine, just be careful not to push too hard. Now people are not only looking at the utility of kitchenware, but also increasingly looking at the beauty of kitchenware. After all, a nice kitchenware can make a kitchen more attractive.

Post time: Mar-17-2023