Enamel iron pot –one love for kitchenware

For the present kitchenware, it has to say enamel cast iron pot, it not only meets the needs of consumers cooking, but also meets the appearance requirements of everyone for kitchenware.

If you want to buy an enamel cast iron pot, I find that many people will have a question: enamel cast iron pot maintenance will not be very troublesome? I said before this problem, any pot in the process of use, there will be different rules of use, as long as you master some maintenance skills, you can easily use a lot of kitchen utensils. Cast-iron enamelled POTS are no more difficult to maintain than any other kitchen appliance, and after a while, you’ll find that they’re actually quite simple.
Before we talk about maintenance, we need to know what an enamel pot is. The enamel cast iron pot, as its name suggests, is attached to the inner and outer surface of the cast iron pot body with an enamel layer, providing both the utility of the cast iron pot and the appearance of the enamel.

The enamel pot can be divided into two types: white enamel and black enamel. The black enamel pot can be cooked at a high temperature and is suitable for frying, frying, frying, roasting and cooking dishes with little or no moisture. It is perfect for coloring meat. White enamel pot. There are higher requirements for manufacturing technology, smooth in the pot, and can effectively lock the water in the food, so that the food is more authentic. Therefore, white enamel pots are especially suitable for braising, boiling and stewing dishes or cooking dishes with soups. For kitchen small white, I recommend white enamel pot first, black enamel pot can be a lower priority, of course, some brands of enamel pot will be further divided according to the use of the scene, like the north Ding enamel pot also has a stew pot and a stew pot. , to meet consumers’ different cooking needs, the optional space is larger.

Pot maintenance is actually a continuous process, not just open a pot even if finished, like some people open a pot, not long after the pot or waste, carefully look at the cleaning did not pay attention to the pot surface damage, so I think the maintenance refers to the pot, with the pot, cleaning and storage of 4 links.
First, To prepare
if you buy a white enamel pots, so congratulations you can bring to ignore this link, as long as the touch point detergent, add bit of warm water to wipe down the line, so under the same function, I suggest that the kitchen small white white enamel, early white enamel more foreign brands, since domestic brands (such as the representative of the domestic enamel pot north ding) started with, both in terms of the pot with the professionalism of the Is functional and appearance design, can be verve beauty foreign brands, the most important is high cost performance. Black enamel pot boiling as long as in the completion of cleaning, small fire heating at low temperature, and then use cooking oil evenly daub pot, continue to heat can, finally dry after resting OK.
Second, To use
Enamel pot is the most prone to problems with the pot link, with a good pot as long as the control of temperature, the choice of appropriate cooking tools, pot body protection can be done.

A, temperature size: People who often use enamel cast iron pot know that this kind of pot is born to love small fire, and the most afraid is big fire. If the fire is too big, the pot will be burnt. Therefore, the use of this kind of pot must avoid empty burning or dry burning.
For enamel cast iron wok, it is good at this kind of long low heat, less heat and water loss, do not need to put water in the stew, just rely on the water in the vegetables can finish a dish, let the ingredients retain the original flavor. In addition, the lid design of enamel cast iron pot can also reduce water loss, especially suitable for cooking without water.

B, cooking tools with enamel cast iron pot must choose soft cooking tools, such as silicone spatula. Or a wooden spatula. Do not use a spatula, a metal tool with sharp cuts, or the enamel inside the pot will be easily damaged.

C, pot body protection enamel cast iron pot looks good, but the enamel is very fragile, the most afraid is all kinds of scratches, usually use should be more careful, in addition, open fire will also produce damage to the pot body, do not believe you can look at the bottom of their pot, how many traces of fire. In addition to the use of more attention, can also use such as heat conduction plate hardware to fundamentally solve.
The hot point is that the fire can be passed by it, because the heat of the metal is good, so that the heat is more uniform, so the heat loss is small, and it is not necessary to worry that the fuel cooker will burn the enamel and black, but it now has this configuration, only a few brands are used, and other brands have not yet been used. In addition, there are other users in the family, and can also use the heat transfer plate to protect the pot.

Third,To clean
a. Enamel cast-iron wok is a very easy type of wok I have used to clean. Use a neutral detergent and a soft sponge for your daily cleaning. For those of you who have a dishwasher, enamelled cast-iron pots may disappoint. The heat and cleaning agents in the dishwasher can damage the enamel layer. And the enamel surface gloss will also disappear, but fortunately, the enamel cast iron pot is very easy to clean, encounter stubborn stains with water, and then clean.

B, The bottom of the pot cleaning mentioned above, long time use gas pot, pot will be charred traces, if you don’t have a release heat conducting plate, so can only artificial cleaning, the trace of general + baking soda can solve with warm water, a little stubborn residual traces will use special cleansing cream, I suggest to buy pot, finally ask merchants have special cleansing cream, buy a box With, basically this quantity can be used for a long time.

Fourth, To storage
Don’t mess with the pot to put food, especially overnight food, I have blood and tears experience, once waste a good iron pot. For enamel cast-iron POTS, I still don’t recommend storing food, especially with any kind of soup. The enamel layer is prone to corrosion over time. The best way to clean it is to wipe it down with kitchen paper and keep the inside dry.

In fact, the pan is not only a cooking tool, it can also reflect your love of life, as long as the right use and maintenance of enamel cast iron pot, not only can prolong the life of the pot, but also help you to cook better food.

Post time: Jan-13-2023