Cast iron kitchenware – a must in the kitchen

As we know, cast iron kitchenware is very good in performance, hardness, non-stick, durable, and has a very wide range of uses. Many people recognize the quality of cast iron cookware, from chefs to cooking show hosts to many best-selling authors. They put forward a lot of their own views, such as how to choose their own products, and how to better use and maintenance of these cast iron kitchenware, it is worth our reference.

There is no doubt that the raw material of cast iron kitchenware is cast iron, which conducts heat quickly, heats evenly, and is hard and durable. Cast iron cookware is healthier and more worth buying than other metal cookware. Cast iron cookware can be used almost anywhere, from induction hobs to gas ranges to ovens. Hosts of many food shows and cookware reviews have argued that cast iron cookware has better overall performance, conducts heat evenly, is less likely to break, and is more durable because of the reduction of trivial components.


Cast iron cookware is generally divided into two categories: pre-flavored style and enamelled style. When it comes to cast-iron pot designs, there are so many: pans, Dutch pans, frying pans, baking pans, seafood pans, etc. Each product can be made of different sizes and handles, basically can meet all the daily production of nothing.

As long as we pay more attention in the usual use and maintenance process, a cast iron pot can be used for decades, there will be no problems.

Cast iron cookware is versatile. It has the unique ability to hold heat longer than other materials and withstand prolonged abuse in the kitchen. The constant heat enhances the different flavors and also allows for better roasting and Browning. The warmth of cast iron is also a plus, when you’re trying to keep it cold after you’ve roasted something and you want to slow cook it for super tender results, you’ll also use cast iron to hold it better, the only thing these POTS aren’t good for is boiling water or steaming. In addition, cast iron cookware is ideal for baking, grilling, frying, baking and stewing. Thanks to the various styles of cast iron pot design, whether braising, cooking or frying, are not a problem. All we need is a cast iron cookware, and an oven would be great. If you use it more for braising, use an enamel-coated cast iron pot.

Cast iron cookware is made of pure pig iron and hand-cast by traditional technology. Its trace elements are pure and unique active iron atoms are easy to absorb. After processing by modern technology, the products are beautiful and generous, not easy to stick and not easy to coke. Compared with other cookware :1. Aluminum in aluminum tableware accumulates too much in human body, which has the effect of accelerating aging and has certain adverse effects on human memory. 2, iron tableware, but do not use rusty iron tableware, because it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite and other symptoms. 3. Ceramic tableware, but many ceramic glazes contain lead, and lead is toxic. 4, copper tableware, normal people should add 5 milligrams of copper every day to meet the needs of the human body, such as high copper content will cause low blood pressure, vomiting, gangrene, mental disorders and even lead to partial liver necrosis. 6, stainless steel tableware, stainless steel nickel, titanium and other harmful to human health for a long time.


Therefore, the use of high quality cast iron pot of active iron atoms is to supplement the iron element of the spring of life, cookware has experienced the evolution of pottery, porcelain, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and other times, as we all know, pottery, porcelain fragile, iron pot is good for human health, but easy to rust, aluminum products are light, durable. But aluminum is known to cause stunting in young children, dementia and other illnesses. Stainless steel contains many harmful to the human body of heavy metals, such as nickel, titanium, should not be used for a long time, we according to this situation, bold use of the world’s most advanced countries produced, beneficial to the human body, easy to scrub, no rust, acid and alkali resistance, long life of cast iron processing coating, the coating spraying after special process after the surface of cast iron, made of cast iron cookware, cast iron boiler After the coating is burned at high temperature, the surface does not rust. In the process of cooking, the coating can slowly dissolve the iron, calcium, and trace elements lithium, strontium, which is the function of inhibiting the physical ability of people caused by environmental pollution. It is the ideal replacement product for the current diet cookware. Cast iron due to its loose internal structure, strong heat absorption capacity, high heat storage energy, it can slowly put the heat in the food, to ensure the uniformity of food heating, so as to ensure the original flavor of food, a lot of nutrients are not destroyed, save energy .

Post time: Mar-18-2023